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Our very own brand. Derives from 喜木 in Chinese, which “XI 喜” can be interpreted as happiness, delight, or gladness and “MU木” simply means wood. Our ethos is simple, we believe interiors that incorporate natural elements, i.e. With wood slabs and solid wood furniture will bring contentment, comfort, and peace of mind to the homeowner.

As solid wood furniture enthusiasts, we have been experimenting with different types of wood in furniture making, from Suar Wood, Teak, Acacia, and Rubberwood to recently used American Walnut. Other materials such as epoxy resin, rattan, and metal are occasionally applied to add a different texture, else the design could be too plain.

Customization is provided specifically for the dining table and writing desk, whereby people could choose the types of wood, dimension, and design. This helps to achieve a balance between aesthetic appeal, functionality, and commercial value that individuals are looking for.

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< The Keystone of Our Work >

Commonly known as Monkey Pod or Raintree, Suar Wood is native to South America and was further introduced to Southeast Asia as plantation species. We source our high-quality Suar Wood slabs from Indonesia, in different sizes 4ft to 10ft, with thicknesses of 50 – 70mm as drying might be imbalanced for thicker wood slabs. Depending on needs, you could choose the wood dimension and design, we will manually sand and rework each piece to achieve the look that you want.


< Unlock The Possibilities >

Native to Southeast Asia, Teak Wood is widely cultivated as plantation species due to its fast-growing properties. Sourced locally and from Indonesia, teak wood is usually of smaller width and thus we will incorporate epoxy resin in furniture making. An arduous process, as it requires time, effort, and a level of accuracy in crafting pieces that meet standards. Pick the design, size, and resin’s colour, and we will turn them into the masterpiece that truly belongs to you.


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